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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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disease. this absurd violence on our streets. those that will help us fight it are men and women in blue. >> dallas, i'm here to say we must reject such despair. i'm here toy insist we are not s divided as we think. i know that because i know america. i know how far we've come against impossible odds. >> randy, nbc 10 news. several local police forces are showing their support. >> sending some of their officers to dallas to attend the funerals. about ten members of the salem and upper south hampton, they expect to get to dallas tomorrow afternoon. it is a 22 hour ride. we spoke with one member of the
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department about why it is so important to go. >> it is a horrible tragedy and we just felt we needed to be there to help in the healing and show solidarity for our brothers. >> plymouth township are also sending officers to the funerals. we're learning new details about the teenager gunned down last night. two of his friends were also hit by bullets, nbc 10 monique braxton joins us from southwest philadelphia. monique, you just learned new information. >> reporter: that's right. since we arrived here a short time ago, i can show you some candles at the scene. police tell us this is where tahir barns was shot after watching a basketball game with teammates just one block away. >> this young man had nothing do with any of the nonsense going on down here. now he is gone. tahir was a good, young man. >> all the gangs went well, no
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arguing, no fussing. packing up, taking the school board, the blower and leaving, you see kids running, you see parents ducking. and you hear gunshots. >> reporter: hearts are broken here, where the 15-year-old was shot in the head. he was walking with friends after a basketball game, near 60th and baltimore. homicide investigators believe barns was ambushed because of bad blood that stems from the outcome of a game last week. >> he was with the 60th and baltimore team that won the gaem a couple of days ago. there was a fight at the game. last week, i believe it was on thursday. as a result, a member of the 56th street team, we don't know if they were teammates or people who came to watch the team afterwards pulled out a gun and shot him. >> the gun violence is crazy. it is crazy. you see, they carry guns like we carry wallets and i.d. everybody has a gun.
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it's mad. >> reporter: shot last night with tahir, one is in stable condition, another one just released. he has shown up at the scene. we're working to have that for you in the next hour. we're also working to bring you a villagil that is planned by tahir's friends. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the woman convicted in the center city gay bashing attack has been released from jail. >> anything you would like to say to the victims? >> kathryn knott was quiet as she was released. she served half of the sentence, and remain on parole and begin two years probation. the attack left the victims with broken bones. two other defendants in that case took plea deals. philadelphia district attorney
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seth williams said the victims of the attacks were made aware of the parole and did not object to it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. picture perfect day. cape may, sunny and warm, plenty of people out there at 4:00. that break from the humidity that we've been feeling, not going last much longer. for more on what to expect nbc 10 sheena parveen has a look at the forecast. >> sheena, those temperatures going to go nowhere but in the short-term? >> the humidity also. today feels comfortable, humidity, technically a little higher today. you might have noticed it. tomorrow, it will be higher. thursday and friday, especially, it will be even higher. we'll talk about that in a second. temperatures right now, comfortable. 86 in philadelphia, 82 in dover. 84 in mount holly. allentown, 87. seven day is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. here is what will happen over
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the next several days. 87s t is the average high. thursday, friday, saturday, expect those 90s to be back. that would technically be heat wave number three. on thursday and friday, those 90 degree temperatures will come with a lot of humidity. because of that, we have an excessive heat wave between thursday and friday. temperatures, mid 90s, feeling around 100 degrees. so like it was the end of last week, it will be the same the end of this week. aside from that, we have showers in the forecast. we'll look ahead at the timing of those. >> thanks, sheena. from the delaware newsroom, a firefighter who died during a training exercise yesterday was honored with a motorcade today. nbc 10 bureau reporter was there as the fallen hero was remembered. >> reporter: fire trucks at every overpass up and down delaware waiting for the
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procession of route 1. police officers and firefighters escorting the body of tim mcclanahan in wilmington. >> yesterday was a dark day. >> reporter: tim mcclanahan has been a fireman, he was killed monday during a training exercise at the suffolk county airport. philadelphia police held a similar training today. mcclanahan was a hoist man yesterday, practicing lower a colleague down in a mock rescue. i'm told everyone is typically clamped in for safety, but he somehow fell out of the helicopter. the faa is investigating the incident. his fellow firefighters grieving. >> i had the opportunity to work hand in hand with him for many years and be a personal friend. not a person i would rather have next to me battling a fire. >> reporter: nbc 10 news, tim furlong. firefighters battled this
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tire in a kensington row home near east more land street. you can see the heavy damage there left behind. also, the homes next to it. fortunately, though, no one was hurt. this three story home on germantown avenue is nothing but a pile of debris. denise wheeler broke down in tears after this happened. the family knew something was wrong last night, when large cracks formed in the wall so they left. in a few hours later, the entire building fell down. >> we were standing there, the fire department was telling us to move back, and the debris went all over the cars, my daughter, my friends. >> no one was hurt, but the family is now homes, getting help from the red cross. now to an update on a story we told you about last night on nbc 10 at 11:00. a new jersey man is facing criminal charges after a hotel scare in center city. take a look. this was the scene last night as
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we fell over the bellevue. philadelphia police have charged wong with criminal damage and trespassing, and he was caught with chemicals and smoke bombs that investigators say could are been used to make pipe bombs. a woman was with him at the time and not charged. we have new information we brought you last night. investigators have determined a threat against three philadelphia police districts is not credible. recently, someone flagged down an officer and warned him of a threat on facebook, but when investigators looked into it, they found no evidence the threat was legitimate. decision 2016 today, two former rival, standing together on one stage in unity for the first time. >> i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united
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states. >> senator bernie sanders officially endorsing hillary clinton as the democratic nominee for president at that rally in new hampshire. >> nbc 10 asked sanders supporter ifs they too will back clinton. >> in this south philadelphia home, bernie sanders is everywhere. even the cat is named bernie jane for bernie and his wife. it is here we arranged to watch a big moment, as their candidate endorsed hillary clinton. >> it is sad but expected. obviously i would much prefer the order of speakers to be reversed today. i assume what he say and what i agree with is that we november. >> but it is not easy. as it starts, we hear this from amanda maclumury. sanders speaks first. >> i think we can all agree that much, much more needs to be
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done. >> then clinton, some moments are particularly hard. >> i can't help but reflect how much more enjoyable election this will be now that we are on the same side. >> are we, though? >> but gets sanders' endorsement doesn't mean getting his supporters votes. >> i wasn't convinced. i agree with 100% with everything she said. unfortunately, she hasn't proven to me that she is a woman of her word. >> only one supporter here said he'll probably vote for hillary clinton this fall. amanda is a delegate for sanders at the dnc. when it comes to the general election, she says she is undecided. >> that's something i'm going wrestle with until the last minute until i walk into the voting booth probably. >> although hillary clinton did not earn all of their votes today, all five of the sanders supporters we met with said they
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will not be voting for donald trump. i'm lauren myck, nbc 10 news. trump said, bernie sanders endorsing crooked hillary clinton is like occupy wall street, endorsing goldman sachs, end quote. meanwhile, we've learned clinton will stay in philadelphia after the democratic national convention. the deem nominee is planning an event on independence mall the day after the convention ends. her campaign has been issued a permit for a public assembly at the site on july 29th. no other details have been released on that. dnc runs from july 25th through the 28th at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. donald trump is said to hit the campaign trail with another possible vice-presidential pick. he'll be joined by indiana governor mike pence, trump's third vp tryout after appearing at events with newt gingrich and chris christie. he is expected to reveal his
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pick before the convention which begins on monday. our team of reporters will be covering it all week long in cleveland. look for live reports, starting sunday night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. breaking news now from wall street. the dow jones closed at a record high today, the record set last year. it is a sign that fears following the brexit have maybe gone away. you can see the dow, finishing up more than 120 points. new bomb shells in the jerry sandusky at penn state. according to court documents just released, we're learning more details about former football coach, joe paterno, who allegedly knew about the abuse as early as 1976 and did nothing. keith jones has been going through the documents and joins us in the studio. >> a judge gave over hundreds of documents and now puts past
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claims about when exactly joe paterno first learned about the abuse, and to question a man called the john doe in these documents back in 2014 that jerry sandusky sexually abused him in 1976 when he was 14 years old. john doe claimed he told paterno about the incident the very next day. patte patte patte patte patte pattern's response was back in 2001. a lawyer denies this claim. this wasn't the only revelation from the documents today. outside expert found the settlements paid by penn state over the sex assault claims appeared to be very high, and showed a desire to resolve the issue quickly. possibly because of the university's concern about bad publicity. a lawyer who reviewed the cases said the school made little effort to prove the credibility.
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penn state made $92 million to settle 32 claims. sandusky is serves 30 to 60 years behind bars. new developments in the bill cosby legal saga. the comedian is getting new civil lawyers. he has replaced one with another famous for its work in entertainment law. he is facing civil case as cross the country, allegations that he drugged and assaulted women. they brand him of women as liars. at this point it appears the change will not affect his legal team in the criminal case, right here in montgomery county. this afternoon, we're learning more about how an inmate was able to wrestle a gun away inside a michigan courthouse. a sheriff says the inmate's hands were cuffed in the front when he wrestled the gun away from the sheriff. initially said the sheriff said
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the defendant, and got into a fight with him. gordon tried to take hostages, but officers shot and killed him before he could. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch is defending her decision to close the hillary clinton e-mail investigation without criminal charges. the attorney general paired before the house judiciary committee today. she was asked repeatedly about the justice department's decision not to pursue charges in the case. lynch referred committee am ebbs to fbi comey's statement, say she denounced a while ago to accept t -- announced a while ago that she would accept the team's decision. >> it was reviewed through the chain by the independent career agents and prosecutors. in considering the matter, there was no connection. there was no need for recusal or independent prosecutor. >> they asked whether clinton
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perjur p perjered herself. a spending about i will that doesn't have the tax collections to support itself. before a lawsuit or bond downgrade, they have to determine whether they can pass a tax increase to fully fund the budget. it became law at midnight, after governor wolf said he would not stand in its way. did you experience some checkout problems while hunting for deals during amazon's second annual prime day? if you did, you were not alone. just hours into the online retailer's sail events, multiple users reported issues while trying to checkout they all received the message, add to cart failed. the hashtag prime day failed has been trending. it is unclear how the glitch may have affected sales on what has been dubbed black friday in july. >>announcer: now your first
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alert weather. well, today, a little hotter than yesterday across parts of the area and the humidity is up a little bit too. you may not have noticed it because it still feels comfortable. i guarantee by the end of the week, you will notice the humidity going up, because it will feel like triple digits again again. beautiful look out of the beach right now. clear skies, very comfortable temperatures, the rest of the area coming in the low 80s, pennsylvania suburbs, 82 degrees. lehigh valley, we'll look at the delaware neighborhoods, look at marshallton, harmony hills, 87, odessa, 83. kent county, 83, ellendale, 85, and the beach we just showed you, 78 degrees. quite a bit of difference within on shore wind coming in.
4:18 pm
the beaches in delaware very comfortable. we are a going to stay nice and dry. what we're watching for tomorrow, because aside from the heat, we have some rain channels movi -- chances moving in. some scattered showers and thunderstorms, some will try to move in tomorrow, so a rain chance in the forecast for wednesday. also, later on this week, excessive heat watch from about new castle county through the philadelphia area, pennsylvania, new jersey neighborhoods, up through mercer county. that will be thursday and friday this week. temperatures in the 90s, but with the humanity which will definitely be increasing late other than this week, it will feel like any where between 100,104 degrees. it will be hot again like it was the end of last week. today so far in philadelphia, we hit 87 degrees, but with the humidity in place, which isn't much, we still feel around 87 degrees. now, tomorrow humidity will go up a bit more, temperatures close to 90s, mid to low 90s.
4:19 pm
thursday, we could be feeling around 100 degrees. as we go into friday, 94 degrees, feeling around 100 degrees. so yes, by the end of this week, we're looking at extreme heat coming in once again. neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow, fairmount, 89 degrees, chance of shower or thunderstorm. allentown, chance of a shower tomorrow. new jersey, sickleville, and delaware, spotty showers, if you are in dover. tomorrow, humidity increases a bit by the morning. we can have a few showers trying to move in. now we're looking at lunchtime tomorrow. i expect to see at least some scattered showers around and then the afternoon, 5:00 p.m., scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm possible, and the rain chance is in fact going to stay in the forecast for thursday. humidity is going to get higher. it will be hot. thursday, we're going to hold on to a chance of showers or
4:20 pm
thunderstorms. philadelphia's five-day forecast as well as the shore, heating up to the 90s where we have the excessive heat watch, going into the weekend especially, along the shore, it will heat up too. the weekend rain chance going into sunday. more details coming up. parents play a big role in keeping a child's weight in check. >> probably should be doing and aren't doing to mike sure their kids don't pack on the pounds. held at gun point but still serving customer. an unusual reaction to this robbery and how the suspect responded. a day of fun and support at the jersey shore for families of fallen officers, less than a week after the deadly police ambush in dallas. when officer dies, we feel it, no matter where they're from. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg, with a push to punish those who
4:21 pm
hurt police. the dow closing at a record high today. so did the s&p and the nasdaq closed higher today. sponsored locally by philadelph philadelphia's credit unions. find a credit union for you where ibelong.
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>>announcer: this is nbc 10 news. check this out. it may look like a movie scene made in hollywood, but this is actual footage of a tornado that tore through part of minnesota overnight. it destroyed a barn, you see it right there, sending debris all over the neighborhood. at least two touched down in the
4:25 pm
state. take a look at the aftermath from sterns county. this area had the worst damage, winds ripped off roofs from home, leveled trees and knocked down power lines. amazingly, there were no reports of serious injuries. a woman is being hailed a hero after she sprang in action to save people from a house in arkansas. >> she is pregnant at the same time. yesterday, north little rock city council approved a plan to honor monica walters. city leaders say they'll present her with a certificate for her heroic actions. she said there were older people she had to help and she wouldn't hesitate to take action. >> i wanted to help. because i was looking like what if that was my apartment building, knowing i got my kids in there. >> investigators say children playing with fireworks started that fire. talk about being cool, calm and collected, this surveillance video shows the owner of this
4:26 pm
shop in new zeal land packing up an order as a robber points a gun at him. the owner ignores him and hands him his order. he turns his back on the suspect who eventually walks away himself. he said he just followed his instinct. >> cool customer there. >> very. you've seen the commercials, switch cellphones and save money. >> leaving her out hundreds of dollars. what does she do. called harry harrison and the response team for help. what harry was able to do and the lesson for others who may be looking to change phone companies also. plus, a show of support for some local police officers, how these kids surprised the men and women in blue in their neighborhood, next. it will be getting hotter and humid this week. aside from that, tracking some showers, maybe thunderstorms. i'll show you the timing, plus
4:27 pm
when you can expect the triple digit heat again, coming up next.
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>>announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. we're following breaking news out of washington. >> keith jones live in the breaking news center with more on what is this, a lockdown at the capitol. >> the capitol building and visitor's senator, we're not sure whey it is locked down. the same call was made by capitol police last week, getting a report from an employee who found a gun. this time around, however, the police activity is reported around capitol hill, requiring staff, the visitors there and all the u.s. capitol building complexes to immediately close lock and stay away from external doors and windows, a direct
4:31 pm
quote. the buildings are locked down and no one is permitted to exit or enter. if you're outside an office building, they're saying you need to get back inside. what you're looking at is a live picture from inside the chamber on capitol hill, as you can see, business as usual there, but the capitol building has been placed on lockdown. as soon as they release more information, we'll make sure we bring it to you. for now, live in the breaking news center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. in the meantime, nbc 10 responds, misunderstanding with a cell phone carrier, leaving her out hundreds of dollars. >> after months without answers, she decided to contact nbc 10 responds. harry harrison shows us how it got resolved. >> reporter: for barbara, live was good in ocean city, but misses her son in new york, her phone is her life line to him.
4:32 pm
>> we're very close. >> she says they talk often. >> everyday. >> to save money, she switched from at&t to verizon. >> they had a deal they would buy my at&t out. >> the promotion says trade in your phone and we'll help you switch. wonderlake made the switch and waited for help. >> they promised, don't worry about, you'll get a lot of money back and you canape the phone bill. never happened. >> it turns out, the rep who told her that was wrong. instead of getting money to pay old bills, verizon's policy states the money come as as a credit toward the new bill. wonderlick says hee was beside herself. >> frustrated. you have no idea. then i was sitting watching tv and harry came on. i thought, i'm going to call. >> nbc 10 responds reached out to verizon. because of the misunderstanding, the company credited two months of service for free of charge. a resolution that sits well with wonderlick. >> if anybody has a problem or
4:33 pm
complaint, please call, you guys. >> that two month credit for about $440 back in her pocket. if you're considering making the switch to another company, read the fine print. some carriers require you to switch phones, and buy a new one from the new company. also, factor in that cost into any savings you may get by switching. >> all right, that was harry there. we're going add that number to our nbc 10 responds recovery counter. it stands at $52,410. you have complaint, just go to, or call 610-668-7377. coming up on nbc 10 responds, a woman was flooded with frustration when her water bill comes in five times higher than normal, tomorrow at nbc 10 news at 4:00. >>announcer: now your nbc 10
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first alert weather. warm sunny day out there, across the region at center city from the campus camera. it looks like this week will get hotter out there we're getting toward august, we knew it would happen. first alert, sheena parveen has the neighborhood forecast. >> if you guys don't like it, wait until winter and you'll wish the heat was back. we'll take it for now. the end of this week, though, it will get hotter with more humidity, but temperatures are mostly in about the mid to low 80s. the seven day is always at the bottom of the screen. lehigh valley, looking at cloud cover, but temperatures around 87 degrees, warmer than yesterday. delaware, 83, philadelphia area, some of the neighborhood temperatures are coming in in the upper 80s. now the rest of the area, mid to low 80s for the most part and also dry, but it is hotter than yesterday in some areas.
4:35 pm
neighborhood temperatures, 88 degrees, philly international is 86. we have 91 in penns port. bustleton, coming in at 88 degrees now. today dry, tomorrow, changes in the forecast. showers and storms, right down to our south and west. you kind of see them scattered here. these will start to move in as as early as maybe before lunchtime tomorrow. so don't be surprised if you see showers. aside from that, heating up again as we go late into the week, excessive heat watch for part of the area i'll tell you what that means and what you can, pecan expect coming up. new video from the south jersey bureau. police hope it will solve a strong of car burglaries, two persons of interest in the case, according to police, 17 car burglaries have been reported since the beginning of the month. surveillance video captures them in the winter green development, there they are at work.
4:36 pm
police telling us they've been targeting unlocked vehicles. in camden county, investigators trying to figure out what caused this fire at a cherry hill deli around 2:30 this morning. firefighters on the scene tell us they believe it started outside the building and spread to the inside and took crews about 45 minutes to get the flames under control. in chester, delaware county, a show of support for police. today, a group of nearly 30 kids from the temple of brotherly love church, took the streets to show their support. their pastor thought it would be a good way to teach them they can turn to the police for help. once the organizers and kids finished the march, they paid a surprise visit to major maryland lee at police headquarters. she said it was important to have them there, in light of recent events across the country. >> children are more observant than we think. hopefully it will inspire them to want to do better and be
4:37 pm
apart of the change for our city. >> major lee added she hopes to see some of the kurids on her police force some day. certain flights may lift off for the last time at philadelphia international. >> airline pulling roots from its offering. plus pregnancy and prenatal vitamins, why the two don't necessarily go hand in hand any more.
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sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. a bucks county surgical center is at the center of a data breach at st. mary's surgical center. their computers were not hacked, but can't be sure patient information is safe. the center's medical records were not accessed, those who may be affected will be getting a letter from the facility. if you fly frontier airlines, we have big changes to tell you about. frontier says it is cutting ten routes from philadelphia airport at the end of october. the denver based airline calls it a seasonal adjustment.
4:41 pm
the airline says it moves planes and changes routes to keep up with demand throughout the year. they say more adjustments will be made after october. a little health news. pregnant women rely on vitamins, but some may not be necessary. according to a new study from the u.k., some supplements, including monultivitaminmultivio much vitamin a could cause harm to i a fetus. expectant mothers should maintain a healthy diet. parents, a reason to keep an eye on what your kids are snacking on. a new study, including temple, found that children whose parents did not monitor what they ate consumed more snacks than those whose parents did keep an eye on them. while snacking may not pose a significant risk for normal weight children, it can be harmful for those who are already overweight or obese.
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shark week is over, but one little boy has quite a shark tale to tell. this 6-year-old reeled in on a day in the water with his grandfather. well, we have more heat in the forecast, and more humidity later on this week. we have an excessive heat watch out. we'll talk about that and rain chances coming, that's next.
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>>announcer: this is nbc 10 news. members of the philadelphia flyers are spending the day at the jersey shore right here, annual flyers trial on the aisle in stone harbor, cape may county, a day of family fun for the team's new prospects along with fans as well take to the sand for the final day for development camp. money made today will go to support local military veterans.
4:46 pm
a lot of fun out there in the sand and sun. hard enough for a sports fisherman to catch a great white. >> but for this 6-year-old we're about to introduce you to, just another day on the water. blake white was holding the fishing rod off cape cod on sunday when he got a bite. blake started to real in what he thought was a big tuna, but as you can see from the pictures, it turned out to be a ten foot long great white shark. >> well, i did pass the rod to my dad. it was too heavy. >> i calmly told them to sit in the middle of the boat, download and we took a few pictures. we cut the line and sent him on his way. >> he was probably watching shark week and got the advice from the expertless, stay in the middle. >> get low. >> the shark got caught on the boat for about 90 minutes before they were able to set it free. >>announcer: now your nbc 10
4:47 pm
first alert weather. he'll never forget it. that's nice. temperatures right now in the 80s, mostly mid to low 80s. we' we're comfortable outside, but later on this week, the humidity will go up. mostly in the low 80s, philadelphia 86, pennsylvania suburbs, mid 80s, exxon, 80s, mid to upper 80s in some spots, 88, north whales, bucks county, temperatures, 87. warrington, bensalem, 86 degrees. tomorrow, i think we'll see showers, maybe a thunderstorm moving in. also, don't forget your seven day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen. weather headlines, what to expect as we go into the next several days, more heat and humidity. temperatures will be back into
4:48 pm
the 90s. humidity will make it seem hotter. we also have rain chances, some this week, and even for part of your weekend. here is future weather. so we could have showers tomorrow before lunchtime. more clouds move in, humidity goes up, and scattered showers around the area. chance of thunderstorm even through the afternoon. so now here is 5:30, storms west of philadelphia, possibly through south jersey and delaware and the pattern continues through thursday. thursday, 90s and more humidity. you still see the moisture hanging around. thursday afternoon, still a channels of showers, maybe even a thunderstorm through the area. we also have another heat waive on tap. heat wave number three is on the way. it should be starting as we go into later this week. so far, we've hit 87 degrees. that's the norm mal high. tomorrow will be closer to 90. we ae see if we hit 90. tomorrow, 89. thursday, friday, saturday, we do expect 90s. that would be a heat wave.
4:49 pm
heat wave number three, if you've been counting, the third one so far. so we do have an excessive heat watch out because of the temperatures i just showed you, combined with humidity. new castle through philadelphia, mercer county, all the neighborhoods between here, thursday and friday. temperatures in the mid 90s, but with the humidity, it will feel like 100 to 104 degrees. very similar to last week. your forecast, philadelphia, tomorrow near 90. chance of shower or thunderstorm. thursday, 93. chance of storms around. friday, mostly sunny, mid 90s and very humid. pennsylvania suburbs, expect the rain by thursday and friday. 93 degrees and sunny and humid. lehigh valley, rain chances stick around on thursday. we're in the low 90 as we end out the week there. across the board, new jersey along the shore and delaware, temperatures will be heating up for everybody.
4:50 pm
everyone can expect the increase in humidity by the end of the week. even going into your weekend, saturday and sunday, both expect temperatures in the low 90s, sunday, though, we are going to bring the rain chance into the forecast for part of your weekend. got a nice story coming up of fallen heros of a free day of fun at the jersey shore. >> strength and reflection as families remember their loved ones.
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4:54 pm
little while ago that there was a lockdown in the gallery, and also with the visitor's center. it is the all clear there in washington. the police ambush in dallas was on the minds of dozens of family at the jersey shore today. law enforcement officers loved ones. >> relatives tried to put their grief aside for a special day and special tribute. nbc 10 ted greenberg has this story from sea side heights. >> it is a day of fun, reflection and support, with those who know the pain of losing a loved one in the line of duty. >> i know eli would have loved it. >> trooper i'll lie mccarson was killed in an accident in december. today, his father, brother, and hundreds of members from 60 other new jersey families were teeted treated for a free day for the ninth annual law enforcement
4:55 pm
survivors day. >> it is a beautiful thing to me to just get together with others, and not be forgotten. >> it is always a day of remembrance. >> we have suffered greatly over the last month. >> during a ceremony, prayers for the five dallas police officers killed last week, and two michigan court bailiffing gunned down yesterday. >> when one officer dies, we all feel it. >> they're not only in my mind, they're in my prayers. we know what they're going through. >> this comes one day after senator j senator carillo will make it a hate game to target a law enforcement officer or emergency respond responder. >> to see them targeted because the put the badge on, i would love to see something like this come about. absolutely. >> a day of mixed emotions that brings together families who
4:56 pm
help each other move forward. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. that's nbc 10 news at 40 clock. 5:00 is next. here's keith jones. >> still ahead, building trust and transparency, one foot step at a time. >> we're heading the street in one south jersey town who have transparency and keeping strong ties with their community at heart. i'm sidney long in burlington city, how residents are responding, next. temperatures will keep getting hotter. humidity will be going up later this week. showers in the forecast. i'll show you the timing, coming up. they got just in time. what a family in philadelphia saw just moments before this house collapsed. okay, ready?
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the love not with words or speech, but with actions. >> right now at 5:00, a call to action, president obama remembers the five officers in dallas and sends a message to all americans. teenagers targeted, gunfire erupts in philadelphia, now a 15-year-old is dead. honoring one of their own, how delaware firefighters are remembering the victim of a deadly training accident. >>announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. we begin in dallas, where president obama said a week of
5:00 pm
violence exposed the deepest faulted lines of our democracy. >> he also tried to send a message of hope as he remembered the five police officers who were ambushed and killed in dallas. here is nbc 10's randy gillenhall. >> holding hands on stage at today's memorial, two u.s. presidents, one republican, one democratic, one white, one black, calling for the country to come together after a week of violence. that theme of unity echoing through the auditorium. >> i'm here to insist we are not as divided as we think. i know that because i know america. i know how far we've come against impossible odds. >> at times, it seems like the force is pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together. argument turns to easily into animosity. >> five empty chairs were


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